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EventLogger Software

EventLogger allows batch applications to write messages to a Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, 2003 or XP Event Log. EventLogger is a 32-Bit Windows DOS command that creates an event log message locally or on a remote Windows computer. EventLogger has the following cabilities:

   Unlimited message text 
   A new or existing Event Log source name can be specified (unique feature of EventLogger) 
   Ability to specify an event ID from 1 to 9999 (unique feature of EventLogger) 
   Ability to specify either the Application or System event log (unique feature of EventLogger) 
   Either the local computer or a remote computer can be specified for destination 
   Username of event is set to the username running the batch application 
   Event Severity can be set to Error, Warning, Informational, Success or Failure 

A permanent license for EventLogger is $500. Each permanent license allows use of EventLogger on 1 to 4 Windows NT 2000 2003 XP computers. An EventLogger license for 5-8 computers is $1,000.

A site license for EventLogger is $5,000. With a site license, EventLogger can be installed on all Windows NT 2000 2003 XP computers at one site, within an area 50 miles (90 km) in diameter. Two individuals can place support requests.

A corporate, world-wide license is $15,000. This incorporates all computers at one organization.

Refer to EVLOG.WRI in the EventLogger installation files for further licensing information.

EventLogger licenses can be purchased with corporate check or bank wire. Orders are filled via email download link.

PRODUCT CODES: EVL12A 1-4 servers
EVL12B 5-8 servers EVL12S site license EVL12SP support contract

Sixty (60) days of BASIC EMAIL support are provided with purchase. An annual support contract can be purchased for $300, or 25% of the license fee, whichever is greater. Support incidents provided are based on the cost of support. Support cost of $300 - $499 is 3 incidents per year, $500 - $799 is 4 incidents per year, $800 and over is 5 incidents per year. Incidents are not cumulative from year to year.

Evaluation Copy
Download a fully functional, evaluation copy of EventLogger. Once downloaded, it can be installed and running within a few minutes. Event log messages are limited to 50 characters in the evaluation version. To install the downloaded, unzip the file and extract EVLOG.exe to your harddrive. Run EVLOG.exe. Open the extracted readme.txt and follow the install instructions.

EventLogger Copyright 2002-2017, Camellia Software Corporation.