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Batch Job Server Customer Comments

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Batch Job Server (BJS) has filled a key research data processing need. Our site is in the process of transitioning from VMS clusters to NT workstations, and the BJS software allows us to have multiple users submit jobs in a much more secure manner than the default AT command capabilities under NT. BJS is the closest thing we have found to a VMS batch que system, and in some ways it is even better. For example, the automated job submission capabilities from within simple applications using BJS are also allowing us to scale-up our satellite data processing methods on the PC platforms, exploiting the relatively inexpensive PC technologies. 
Dr. Andrew (Andy) Jones, Colorado State University


The programmers in our group were talking the other day about software that works and software that doesn't work. Batch Job Server for NT was one product that we all thought had worked as promised or better since day one, in 1997! 
Timothy D. Lindsey, Boeing


We have found Batch Job Server a useful tool for running batch jobs, both in situations when we are connected via RAS, and want to run jobs requiring much I/O, such as database loads, and in situations when we are logged in from slower workstations and wish to run jobs requiring much CPU, such as sorts and calculations. Also we are very satisfied with the prompt replies from your support, the few times we have had to use it since 1996. 
Stefan Anderson, SAS Airlines, Sweden


Batch Job Server from Camellia makes the difference between Windows NT and a Workstation. It is one of those beautiful programs which you almost forget that you have, since they work so smoothly. Only when you are forced to work without them, you miss them badly. As a scientist, I use the Batch Job Server from Camellia for managing my numerical simulations since 1995. I always have jobs running in the background, running for many days at a time. With a batch queue I can submit the jobs and simply forget them until they are finished. 
Dr. Henrik Nordborg, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland; Argonne National Laboratory, US; and ABB Corporation, Switzerland 


I have been using BJS as a batch job processing subsystem in two large scale projects and a few small data conversion projects since 1995. The current one is a replacement for spawning threads to compress audio files for a music Web site. I have never had any problem that was not promptly solved. They have included some suggestions I made in their products. I come from a very large scale VMS world and transitioned to NT as part of the Beta 3.0 program. Currently, I am using BJS to compress audio tracks over and over again every night while I test an audio compression / decompression algorithm and it has yet to let me down. BJS will eventual form the job management part of this project where it will run 10,000 jobs a day on an NT server. 
Ted Sullivan, President, Snowy Mountain Software Ltd., Canada


I wish all the software we used was as solid and reliable as yours is. We've been using it since 1997. Thanks! 
Eric Jessen, CGI


Many of us here are former (and current) OpenVMS developers, and are therefore used to a nice batch environment. Your product has saved our current NT/Windows work environment from a lot of abuse! With the release of BJS v2.1, it does everything we could hope for. 
Bill Valentine-Cooper, Cellular One 


Many thanks for the prompt and informative answers. Having worked with VMS for several years, Iím happy to see such a needed product on the market and will let my colleagues know. Excellent support. 
Jerry Keller, Herald-Times, Indiana


A Windows NT mailing list that I was on had a question come up and I couldn't resist responding to the list with a plug for the BJS product. Batch Job Server had been the answer I was looking for and I felt compelled to 'tell the world'. The folks at Camellia Software are very responsive. I find the product to be 'bulletproof'. I canít remember the last time I even thought about the product. I have it working on an NT4 server 24x7 on my site. It performs two functions, (1) routine scheduled batch jobs and (2) batch jobs that are 'dropped' in the Batch Job directory via email from remote systems. I has worked flawlessly. I just never have to worry. 
Chuck Matz, State of Texas Court System


I manage a software development group, and we tend to build our own utilities whenever we are not 100% satisfied. We have used BJS at Barclays Capital since 1996 and have kept up to date with each new release. Camellia is a company that can provide a lot of attention to their clients. They give excellent technical support. The product has evolved nicely, and has included features from the client base which is always great to see. 
James Nekos, Barclays Capital, New York


We have been using Batch Job Server since 1997, and are extremely happy with both the product and the support. 
James Ploss, Chevron, California


Once again, thanks for your help during the evaluation period and after purchase in 1997. It has been nothing short of exceptional. You guys have great technical support! 
Derrick Tucker, IBM, Canada


Batch Job Server (BJS) has made automating my redundant tasks so much easier. BJS is easy to use and installs in just a few minutes. It is an outstanding product. I have been using Batch Job Server since 1995, and am completely satisfied with its performance and quality. There are a number of tasks that I do on a daily basis that are a bit tedious to get running. These are jobs that must be started individually and run concurrently. With Batch Job Server, I simply create a batch file that copies all the necessary batch jobs to a BJS directory, assign an icon to this batch file, click on the icon and my jobs are running. What used to take several minutes to start is now running with a single click of the mouse. The customer service provided by Camellia Software is outstanding. My questions have always been answered promptly and in a professional manner. Camellia Software is very responsive and they actually read their email. 
Daniel Allen, Storage Technology Corporation


One word, IMPRESSIVE! You've met all my expectations and then some. 
Homer Tidd, Consultant, Idaho 


Compared to struggling with the AT command which is woefully inadequate for serious batch job management, BJS is great! We especially like the full automatic logging of all output from the job which makes debugging a pleasure. 
David Whitehead, Kellogg, Brown & Root, Halliburton, UK 


Thank you for your very timely response to our support request.
Kenneth Skinner, Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), US 


I want to thank you for your very prompt and professional service. Without a doubt, that was the most pleasant and professional service call I have ever made. I just wanted to make sure that you know you are doing a fantastic job and it is appreciated. Thanks again. 
Michael Beaudry, CanWest, Canada


I am currently using BJS to schedule and collate print requests for our engineering drawings. A critical feature that caused me to choose BJS over other batch schedulers is the ability to limit the number of concurrent batch processes. In order to collate print requests, I can only allow one batch job to run at a time. BJS allows me to process requests one at a time, while holding all other requests in queue and processing them in the order that they were submitted. I have found BJS to be completely reliable and an ideal tool for handling our engineering print requests. 
Ken Webber, Texas Instruments


Batch Job Server has provided a critical link in our nightly download process since 1996 and the system has been in production. BJS has given us the ability to run our jobs in the off-hours without human intervention; we just check the log each morning. There has never been a case when the job failed to run due to a problem with Batch Job Server. Since BJS starts the job whenever our data is available, we aren't constrained by a set schedule. BJS also provides us with the ability to hold our jobs and start them later at our convenience. Since all of the output messages for one job are directed to a single file, we are able to view everything pertaining to the job in one place. The BJS screen can be viewed in a variety of formats depending on whatever is of most interest. We are able to monitor multiple servers from a central workstation. Customer support has been provided in a professional and timely manner. The online help is well written and has answered most of our questions. BJS has been extremely stable and has greatly contributed to the success of our project. It has certainly filled an important niche for us. 
Donna Hawley, Washington Department of Ecology 


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