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Batch Job Server Ordering

Purchase Orders
Email or postal mail a copy of the purchase order to Camellia Software. A BJS temporary license will allow full use while a billing invoice is sent to your office. A permanent BJS server license will be sent when payment in full is received. Please issue a pre-payment check or bank wire. Camellia Software reserves the right to charge a rebilling fee of $100 per rebilling because of partial balances paid. Camellia Software does not agree to purchase order contract terms and conditions. 

Check Payments
To purchase Batch Job Server download and complete the order form in BJSINFO.ZIP and email or postal mail it to Camellia Software. Camellia Software company information is on the order form. A $50 fee will be charged for insufficient funds checks. Payments are in US dollars drawn on a US bank.


Bank Wires

Our bank does not charge our account to accept wired money. If you wire money, please note that United States transferring banks charge a transaction fee, in addition to the fee that your bank(s) charge. To balance this, Camellia Software adds the following service charge to your invoice for the software ordered:
$50 for orders wired from inside the United States
$100 for orders wired from countries outside the United States


A receipt for the exact amount of bank wired funds deposited will be sent to you. 

Software and upgrades can be shipped via United States Postal Service or sent via internet download. Shipments are made 1-2 business days from receipt of payment. The charge for media and shipping is: $0 Internet download, $100 when shipped inside the Continental United States. No shipments are done outside the Continental United States. Shipment time varies according to location, varying from 2-5 days within the Continental US.

Refund Policy
BJS customers have a minimum 30 day evaluation before purchase.  During the first 30 days following purchase, a refund will be granted for the software for irresolvable problems. Costs paid for shipping and media will not be refunded. Per incident support fees are non-refundable. Annual support fee refunds will be pro-rated, starting from on the day a written, formal refund request is received by Camellia Software. For purchases made by check or bank wire, a refund will be wired to your bank account. Any charges made by our bank to wire your refund will be deducted from the amount wired. It is customary for other banks involved in a wire transfer to deduct a processing charge. If the product was shipped, it must be returned, postage prepaid, in its original packaging, to Camellia Software before a refund will be processed. Any overages sent via bank wire or check will be applied to extended software support.


Any fees paid for the Callback Support portion of the support fee are non-refundable.

If a refund is requested because of a customer's mistake, Camellia Software reserves the right to remove a 15% restocking fee (or minimum $100 USD, whichever is higher) from any refund due. Refund must be requested within 10 days of customer's error. Camellia Software reserves the right to correct clerical or systems errors.


Re-Downloading Service Charge
A $100 fee is charged for re-sending download instructions to a customer beyond 30 days after purchase. This charge is for resending license(s). This is often due to files corrupted by end users, transfer to a different computer, hardware failure or installation of a new computer. Please save your licensed software to back-up media.

Resellers, VARs, and Third Party Payment Processorss

Thank you for your inquiry about Batch Job Server (BJS) software. BJS is sold at the same price to all customers. There is no discount to resellers. Starting May 1, 2015, a 10% processing fee will be added to all orders through resellers, third party processors or any other entity than the company of the software license holder. Pro-rated fees apply to existing support contracts. Customers are given a minimum 30 day full evaluation before purchase decision. To resellers, all sales are final. No refunds, returns, credits or exchanges to resellers. Funds accepted via BANK WIRE ONLY from resellers. Before a sale is finalized, the customer's name, email, address, phone number and number of servers BJS is installed on must be registered with Camellia Software's customer database. Software media and downloaded software are shipped or downloaded directly to the end user. A receipt is emailed to the reseller. Each Windows computer executing BJS batch jobs is considered to be a BJS server and requires a separate BJS license. Production, disaster recovery, test, cloned, back-up, emergency and development servers must each be licensed.

Reseller Refund Policy

Customers are given a minimum 30 day full evaluation before purchase decision. To resellers, all sales are final. No refunds, returns or exchanges to resellers.

Camellia Software reserves the right to correct clerical or systems errors.


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