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Camellia Software Downloads
For a complete price list, a product brochure and an order form please download BJSINFO.ZIP. Microsoft Word 7.0 is required to view and print the restored files. Some of these downloads are zipped. After you click on one of these links, you will be prompted to either Open or Save the file. Choose the Save option and save the zip file in an empty directory. Then use WinZip or a similar utility to unzip and execute the zipped .exe file. 

Batch Job Server v 3.0 Evaluation Copy
The evaluation copy of Batch Job Server v 3.0 is fully-functional for clients and servers. Please email our office to obtain the installation software, and a password for a 30 day evaluation. The password will enable all functions in the software.

Contact us here. Please change this to standard email address format: Info ( a.t. ) CamelliaSoftware ( d.o.t. ) com

If your email filters prevent attachments from being received, please send an alternate account. Thank you for your patience during ever-changing technology. 

-Step 1-

Email Camellia Software for the BJS Administrator Evaluation:

The Evaluation file contains the installation files for BJS Administrator, the BJS command line interface, the BJS API, and the server component of Batch Job Server. Once you have the installtion files from emailing Camellia Software, follow these directions.

-Step 2-

Install the files for BJS Client. BJS Client is the same as BJS Administrator but without the administrator functions.

-Step 3-

Download this for complete installation instructions: If you are upgrading from BJS V2.1, be sure to follow the instructions in the section entitled "Must Read Information When Upgrading from BJS Version 2.x" in InstallDocumentation.doc before installing BJS Administrator and starting the BJS service.

The server component of Batch Job Server can only be installed on a Windows NT 4.0 or later computer (Server or Workstation). An NTFS volume is required for installation of the server component of Batch Job Server. For additional information on versions of Windows supported and other system requirements please see InstallDocumentation.doc.

-Step 4-

Unzip the downloaded file(s) and copy the .exe file to the target server.

-Step 5-

Double click the .exe file. This will run an install wizard which will guide you through the installation process.

-Step 6-

Start the BJS service. Please note The BJS username password must match the Windows server password in order to function correctly.

-Step 7-

Apply the month-end password as provided by Camellia Software. See below for instructions on where to enter the password. If you do not have an evaluation password send an email to us with a request. Change this to standard email address format: Info ( a.t. ) CamelliaSoftware ( d.o.t. ) com

Do not use the 3 day passwords that come with the software if you plan to use it beyond three days. It will corrupt the files and the evaluation copy will have to be reinstalled.

-Step 8-

To save evaluation copy jobs for your permanent copy license, see below instructions.

How to use Temporary License Passwords

Enter exactly as shown (all letters lowercase) using the License Password* function: * start BJS Administrator. From the main menu click on "Server" then on "Administer…". This will display the Server Administration dialog. Click the "License Password…" button to display the dialog box used to enter the temporary license password.

All prices are subject to change. The current pricing is posted on the Camellia Software website. 

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