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Batch Job Server Customer Examples

Batch Job Server Customer Comments

Batch Job Server customers represent a wide variety of fields: transportation, communications, aerospace, publishing, colleges and universities, local, state and federal government, information processing services, healthcare, oil and gas, banking, telecommunications and food service. Examples from our customer base include the following sites. 

Computer Software, Hardware and Information Processing and Accounting 
Deloitte; Marlink; Hitachi; Natural Micro Systems; NEC; Vulcan NW; Intel; Corbis Corporation; JD Edwards; SAIC; Boeing Information Services; Compaq; Harris; Storage Tek; Inso Corporation; Logicon; Delphi Packard; Tektronix; Seagate; Hewlett Packard; Lotus; Matrox; Quodata; MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates; Unibol, Ltd., UK; IBM Canada; UNISYS; Snowy Mountain Consulting, Ltd.; Sony; Imagenet, Israel; Texas Instruments; ISG Technologies, Inc. Canada, Cedara Software; Newbridge Networks; SpeechWorks; ScanSoft; Ardent Software, Germany, IBM Singapore; Andersen Consulting; Natural MicroSystems; Genicom; Mira Consultants, Australia; Statistics Sweden; OneSource Information Services; Information Handling Services; COMSAT; Connectyx Technologies; Stroede Dataservice, Sweden; EDS (Electronic Data Systems). 

Colleges and Universities
Princeton University; University of Washington; Northern Arizona University; Purdue University; Seoul National University, Korea; Harvard University; Norwegian University of Technology; University of Kentucky; Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden; University of Houston; Northwestern University; University of Rochester, New York; Colorado State University; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology; Darmstadt University, Germany; University of Houston; Concordia College; Florida State University; Golden Gate University; Washington State University; Cornell University. 

Local, State and Federal Government
BPA; National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA); State of Oregon Administrative Services; Los Angeles School District; National Institute of Health (NIH); City of Torrance, California; Federal Reserve Board; US Department of Commerce; New York State Department of Social Services; Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada; Rochford City Council, UK; Washington Department of Ecology; Welsh Health Common Services Authority, UK; Washington Legislative Service Center; US Bureau of Economic Analysis; City of Madrid, Spain; the Federal Aviation Administration; US Department of the Treasury, IRS; United States Armed Forces; United States Air Force; Administrator for the Courts, State of New Hampshire; the Canadian National Defense; US Census Bureau; National Institute of Health; State of Delaware, Division of Revenue. 

Oil and Gas Corporations 
ChevronTexaco; Equilon Enterprises LLC; Arco; Brown and Root, UK; Halliburton, UK; BHP, Australia; Mobil Oil; Sun Oil; Imperial Oil, Canada; Lyondell Citgo. 

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle; Puget Sound Blood Center, Seattle; Johnson & Johnson; National Board of Medical Examiners; GlaxoWellcome; Janssen Pharmaceutica, Inc.; Kaiser Permanente; Ontario Medical Association; University of Michigan Medical Center; The Mayo Clinic; URREA; Northwestern University Medical School; OSF Healthcare, Order of Saint Francis; AMI Healthcare Systems; St. Charles Hospital, Ohio; Marshall Medical Center; ADP Benefit Services; Provident Life; Valley Hospital; Bayer Corporation; American Red Cross; Aventis; Merallis; Roche; Texas Blood and Tissue; DakotaCare; Blue Cross/Blue Shield; CIGNA; PacFed Benefit Systems. 

Banking and Financial 
Barclays Capital; Charles Schwab and Company; Dow Jones & Company; Debitel; First Financial Planners Inc.; First Union National Bank; Standard and Poors, Platts Division; Lloyds Bank, London; NationsBank; Invesco; Credit Suisse First Boston; AFSA; CoreStates Financial Corporation; SE-Banken, Sweden; LandAmerica Financial Group; Banco Fonsecas and Burnay, Portugal; Nikko Bank, Luxembourg; PNC Bank; Community Bank and Trust; Oberthur Card Systems; The Industrial Bank of Japan, Ltd; American Express; American Student Assistance; Banque of Nationale, Canada; First Union National Bank; First Financial Planners Inc.; First American Bank. Transportation: Scandinavian Airlines; McDonnell Douglas Aerospace; Boeing; Rockwell-Collins; US Airways; Lockheed Martin; Sabre; Ball Aerospace and Technologies; BAA, UK; Civil Aviation Authority, London; Marshall Space Flight Center; General Motors; Amtrak. 

Ericsson Mobile Communications; Ericsson, Inc. US; KPN Telecom, Netherlands; Cellnet; Telia, Sweden; VTELL; Inso Corporation; Cellular One; Viacom; Simon & Schuster; McGraw-Hill; CTB Publishers; Prentice-Hall Publishers; Pearson Technology; Comsat; Cellnet; Christian Broadcasting Network; Pacific Bell; The New York Times; AT&T; MCI; Sony; Southwestern Bell, British Telecom North America; Motorola; Bell Canada; Portugal Telecom. 

Other Sites 
Wilkinson Hardware Stores, UK; The Seattle Mariners; Vulcan Northwest; The Hartford Insurance; XChanging, UK; Lloyd's of London; Robert Fleming Insurance Brokers Limited; Caterpillar, Inc.; Katun; LDS Church; Kentucky Apparel; Lajat Jeans; Burlington Industries; A/S Eccolet Shoe, Ecco Shoe and Boot; Bosch; Ricoh; Borg-Warner Automotive; Karcher; John Deere Industrial Equipment; Lane Bryant; The Limited; International Superconductivity Technology Center, Japan; Nasco, Lab Safety Supply Inc.; Blistex Inc; Hershey's Corporation; ABB Corporation; TransAmerica Life Companies; Provident Life; Prudential; RL Polk and Company; Enator, Sweden; Wabco Automotive, Netherlands; Danisco; Avnet; Idaho Power Company; The Musicland Group, Inc; Suncoast Motion Picture Company; Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Authority, Australia; Hawaiian Electric Company; Singapore Power Supply; Nevada Power Company; RW Polk Company; Weyerhaeuser Company; Mutual of Omaha; Walt Disney World Company; Enator, Sweden; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Kohl's Department Stores; Dominos Pizza; Colgate-Palmolive; Frito-Lay; The Smith's Snackfood Co. Ltd., Australia; Rockwell Collins; Ernst & Young, LLP. 

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